I have always been passionate about everything related to technology, especially on software development and how the look & feel of a digital product affects the way we perceive it and what we feel just by looking at it.

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I design and build beautiful digital products...

Web Development

UX & UI Design

Mobile and Desktop App

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  • 2019 November - NOI Hackathon SFScon Edition 2019 solver (Noi Techpark)
  • 2019 October - Climathon 2019 winners (FBK and Climate-kic)
  • 2018 October - Interfaces and communication technologies student (UniTn)
  • 2018 July - High school degree in computer science and telecommunications (Marie Curie Institute)
  • 2017 October - Intern NodeJS developer at I&S (Informatica e Servizi)
  • 2017 July - Intern Web developer at FBK in ict4g unit (European Research Center)
  • 2017 June - Intern .NET developer at I&S (Informatica e Servizi)
  • 2017 March - Intern .NET developer at I&S (Informatica e Servizi)
  • 2016 July - Intern Web developer at FBK in ict4g unit (European Research Center)
  • 2015 October - Volunteer firefighter



IoTools an IoT system that allows the tracking of toolboxes inside the vans of a company.


Management fire station webapp and Telegram Bot to be notified of firefighter's activities such as shifts, courses, etc.


Snowy and frozen roads monitoring webapp


Rating system for waste recycling at Marie Curie Pergine High School.


Sliding puzzle game written in pure javascript.

React Todo List

Single-Page Application PWA Todo List using ReactJS and Ratchet

Supervised Linear Regression

Machine learning supervised linear regression from scratch in javascript

Gestione rapporti VVF

Firefighter rescue intervention report online


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